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What is Bizzash.cash?

Bizzash.cash offers Merchants an alternative to traditional credit/debit card processing.

With Bizzash.cash...Merchants can reduce, even eliminate up to !00% of their bankcard processing costs. The program is powered by Paylo; the only legally compliant & patented automated "Cash Discount" software in the U.S.A.

The program applies a small customer service charge (fixed or %) to all sales made with a credit or debit card (excluding PIN based debit card transactions). Once the Merchant approves the type and amount of the service charge, it is programmed into their processing system and automatically applied to each credit/debit card sale. Customers can avoid paying the service charge by paying in cash, gift card or money order.
The program accepts all major payment cards (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex) including payments via mobile wallets: Apple Pay and Android Pay.

What is "Cash Discount?"

Under the Dodd Frank Consumer Protection Act (2010)...when paying with a credit/debit card...a small "transaction fee" can be added to the sale amount. A “Cash Discount” occurs when the transaction fee is deducted from the sale amount for customers paying in cash. Cash discount programs accept all card payment types and does not favor one card type over another. Cash Discount programs have been available for years to higher education establishments, municipalities, gas stations, utility providers, online ticket sales, etc. However, in 2010 federal regulations changed allowing all types of businesses to use Cash Discount technology.

How does Bizzash.cash work?

When a credit or debit card is presented for payment, the program adds a service fee (fixed or %) to the transaction. The merchant must advise the client that they do not have to pay the fee if they choose to pay by cash, check, money order or gift card... How to explain "Cash Discount" to your Customers

How is a cash discount different than a surcharge?

A “Surcharge” occurs when a merchant increases the price to cover the cost of credit/debit card purchases. A “Cash Discount” occurs when a merchant decreases the price for purchases made using alternative payment types, i.e. cash, checks, money orders & gift-cards. Cash Discount is available in all 50 states. Surcharging is illegal in some states. Check with the appropriate authority to insure the legality of surcharging in your state. No surcharges or service charges are allowed on PIN based debit card transactions.

What benefits can Bizzash.cash provide merchants?

With Bizzash.cash you can reduce, even eliminate upto 100% of your processing costs... with virtually no impact on your current sales volume. In turn, the money you save from Cash Discount can be used to offset basic operating expenses: Rent/Mortage, Utilities, Inventory, Payroll & more.

Furthermore our mobile payment technology is compatible with cellphones, wireless terminals and POS systems...giving you even more options to expand your business. No PIN Pad is required when using one of our EMV chip card terminals

How much money can I save using Bizzash.cash?

If all your credit/debit card transactions are processed using Bizzash.cash, your base monthly cost is only $30.00/mo: Unlimited Transactions...Only $1.00 a day!
Using your current processor's Monthly Statements:

1. Average out your current "Total Annual Processing Cost"
2. Bizzash Total Annual Processing: $360
3. Subtract $360 from your current "Total Annual Processing Cost"
Total Annual Savings:*

Over the period of 3 - 5 years you've spent thousands of dollars in processing fees:

*Additional monthly costs may apply depending on equipment purchases and mobile air-time plans.

Can I use Bizzash.cash to process online payments?

Yes. Save thousands on your online processing by accepting "Same as Cash" payments via our Payhub Plus Gateway. Flexible integration features allow you to accept all major credit/debit cards online. Gateway and Mobile APIs give you full control and customization.

What software/programs are compatible with Bizzash.cash?

  • Quickbooks
  • e-Commerce
  • Virtual Terminal
  • ACH Transactions
  • e-Billing
  • Recurring Payments
  • Invoicing

What type of businesses/industries use Bizzash.cash?

Bizzash.cash is the ideal solution for the majority of businesses including retail, food and beverage, personal and professional services. Tobacco, Cannabis & Vaping businesses may also apply.

How do I notify my customers about Bizzash.cash?

Bizzash.cash is based on transparency and communication to the customer . Signage must be clearly placed at the front door & registers to let your customers know a service charge will be applied to all products or services; however a cash discount will be given when they pay in cash, check, money order or gift-card. We also provide the correct verbiage to use when explaining the program to your customers: How to explain "Cash Discount" to your Customers